The journey of my eyes…

February 8, 2011 at 3:50 pm (Uncategorized)

(Arwah Ummi once said that’s the meaning of my name)

I’ve been slacking in updating, I know. So many things I WANT to do, so many things NEEDED to be done.. just so many things. But all’s good, fret not.

Stayed home the whole last week and had fun playing the part of a stay at home mom. Gave Bibik the week off to visit her daughter hence giving me the chance to enjoy the kids. Just me. It was tiring ( I still think being a SAHM is the toughest job on Earth) but it was definitely a week to remember – sending kids to school, spending quality time with Adreena, having Shahril coming home for lunch, all in all, it was heavenly.

Went for my eye checkup again on Friday. To recap, this was my 4th visit to the ophthalmologist. In my first visit, the doctor gave a new prescription for my a new specs as he said the ‘power’ has changed and that might be the cause of my problem. During my 2nd visit, I told him that felt my vision was OK, but the Doctor told me there was a minor infection in my eyes. In my 3rd visit, no more infection, but I complained that my right eye’s vision is not as good and I have difficulty in focusing with my right eye. When he checked, guess what he found out? The estig (silau?) for the right eye has gone right down to ZERO!

Doctor was puzzled as how it can decreased so drastically… but gave me another eye drop to use for 2 weeks.

Nothing changed until my 4th visit. Told him so.. and he said..

“You know… sometimes… it may just be in your mind…”

Huiiiiiii…. Berderau darah rasanya! Dari masuk bilik dia tu penuh sopan santun senyum manis sikit punya, terus rasa nak tersembur api kluar dari mulut! (Tengah menulis ni pun emo lagi, elok2 tulis in English.. terus tukar BM… Kahkahkah!)

Nak je saya sound Doctor tu..”Do you think I’m like FIVE… pretending that I’m sick so I don’t have to go to school?”

Maybe I should have said that since he said this BEFORE checking anything that day, while going through my file.

Tapi, biasalah… saya ni, bila dalam keadaan siaran langsung macam tu… bukannya keluar ayat2 marah… tapi terkedu, sebab marah! So I just kept quiet, knowing the truth will prevail. Chewah!

Selingan – Some 10 years ago, a doctor at my Uni’s Clinic said something to the same effect – that I was pretending I was sick (at 5 am in the morning) so I can escape class. He scolded me for coming to the clinic so early, told me it just a normal stomach ache and told me to go back to my hostel. 12 hours after that I was in an ambulance going to HKL for an appendix operation.

Ok.. flashback tamat..

So, offended as I was by the Doctor’s remark, I just kept to myself lah after that. He checked my new specs… checked my eyes.. checked the specs again.. opened my file again…  and finally said…”the reading is totally different now, for BOTH eyes!”

Masa tuuuuuuuu… nak je saya tanya..”So, it’s JUST in my mind, huh?”

Dipendekkan cerita… as it turned out, the ‘power’ for both eyes have decreased so drastically over the 3 months, and I had no choice but to buy yet another pair of glasses. Will be meeting the doctor again in March, and let’s hope everything will be OK then. (physically and emotionally..:P).

specsbarulama Me with the relatively new specs that are no longer relevant.


With the latest specs. (Sama pulak tudung in both pictures, hehe). This picture was taken on February 5th.. during Akak’s birthday dinner. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Sis!


(Almost) Everyone at the dinner @ Tupai2.

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